Friday, February 1, 2008

Double Faced Cable Scarf

It's been a long time since I've posted...the holidays and preparing for my last semester of school just seemed to get in the way!!!
I've made it a New Year's Resolution to post a pattern on Etsy about once a week - I have a million of them, I'm just too lazy to actually put them out into the world! So here is my first completely reversible, chunky cable scarf! You can find it on Etsy here. I wanted to make a really chunky scarf that had a cable on both sides. It turned out exactly like I wanted! I hope everyone enjoys it! Keep checking back for future patterns! If you want to be on my e-mail list to find out when my patterns are going to be posted...send me an e-mail!

Time to get some sleep!
~Krista Ann

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I found the yarn for the "Samantha Who?" scarf!

Okay, so I visited the LYS and after much searching, I found the perfect yarn! It's not fuzzy like I was wanting, but it's really difficult to find yarn that comes in colors like lime green AND chocolate brown! This was a pretty expensive purchase...I hope I bought enough! Once I finish the scarf, I'll be sure to post the pattern here for everyone to enjoy! It's really easy, so anyone can make a movie star stye scarf!

Oh, and the yarn I'm using is Noro's Cash Iroha...I have never used this yarn before, but a blend of silk, wool, and cashmere with a little nylon for strength just sounds amazing!!!

Knit and ROCK on my rockin' knitters!
~Krista Ann

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Samantha Who?" Scarf

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Okay, so I'm knitting along watching the new Christina Applegate show "Samantha Who?" (which I'm still deciding if I love it or not...I'm thinking so) and she's wearing this beautiful scarf that I just have to make! The yarn looks like it has a light texture to it, but it's going to take some searching to find a yarn that comes in all of those beautiful colors!

It looks like the colors go like this: (fringe) light purple, brown, green, light purple, turquoise, medium purple, brown, lime green, turquoise, light purple, medium purple, brown, green, light purple, turquoise, light purple (fringe) brown)

Time to do some yarn favorite thing to do! I'll post when I find what I'm looking for!

Scrunchable Scarf completed!

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What a relaxing Veteran's Day! I didn't touch the homework...or even think about it! I did run a load of towels, though, so the entire day wasn't totally wasted!!!
Here is my Scrunchable Scarf that I finished out of Cascade Yarn's Misti Baby Alpaca (100% Baby Alpaca). The yarn sheds a little, but my cat sheds a lot, so it doesn't phaze me! It only took two skeins and a pair of size 10.5 needles! I cast on 25 (the pattern doesn't state how many to cast on...32 was too many, but 5 was perfect!)
If you're looking for a *no brainer* project...this is the one!!!

Officially addicted to Ravelry

This is my first posting...I'm trying to get my s**t together and organize myself as well as my yarn! I spent my wonderful Veteran's day off sitting at the computer loading images of my yarn as well as printing a lot of patterns off of Ravelry! I'd like to eventually start posting my original designs on this blog, but I'm not exactly computer brilliant, so it's going to take me some time to figure this all out.

My project today was the "Scrunchable Scarf" from Ravelry. I have seven hanks of Cascade's Misti Alpaca Worsted in a pretty pink color, but two of the skeins I bought somewhere else and didn't match the other five's dye, I did a quick search on Ravelry and found a wonderful scarf that I'm already almost done with! I'll post pictures before I go to bed.

I'm going to welcome myself to the cyberworld of blogging and hopefully I'll be sharing some exciting patterns with everyone soon!
Until then....